بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

​Points taken from the ladies  classes of Hadhrat Moulana Dawood Seedat saheb (daamat barakatuhum) 27 October 2016. 
Bi Ismihi Ta’ala 

There has been a lot of discussion around Yazeed bin Muaawiya lately. In the past we only heard negativity about him. So much so that we have never heard of any Muslim keeping his son’s name Yazeed, and yet there were three Sahabah in the Battle of Badr whose names were Yazeed. Recently some of our Ulema have been mentioning positive aspects regarding Yazeed. 
We have to try and understand the events leading up to the martyrdom of Hadhrat Husain (RA) and after. From the time of the martyrdom of Hadhrat Usman (RA),confusion had reigned in the ummah. Hadhrat Ali (RA) had his khilafat in Madinah Munawarah. Hadhrat Muaawiya (RA) moved away to Damascus. Hadhrat Ali (RA) then moved the khilafat (parliament) to Kufa with this in mind that if there is unrest then it rather be in Kufa than Madinah. Two major battles are fought. In the battle of Jamal, Hadhrat Ayesha RA and a group of sahabah had fought against Hadhrat Ali RA due to a misunderstanding. Muslim blood is shed on both sides. Thereafter, Jang e Siffin is fought between Hadhrat Ali RA & Hadhrat Muaawiya RA. No peace agreement or understanding could be reached. The issue of the murder of Hadhrat Usman RA was the basis for the whole dispute. 
After the martyrdom of Hadhrat Ali RA, Hadhrat Hassan RA became Khalifa for just six months. In order to bring peace and unity he handed over the khilafat to Hadhrat Muaawiya RA. This was then a beautiful khilafat under an excellent man, a really superb leader. 
During his lifetime, he felt it would be in the best interest of the ummat to select his successor so that there would be no dispute regarding the khilafat in the event of his demise. The person that he chose was his son Yazeed. 
Regarding Yazeed there are 3 main views amongst our scholars. 
The first is that Yazeed was very good at war. He proved to his father to be an excellent war strategist and commander in chief of the army. But his private life was full of wrongdoing, i.e. drinking, womanising and the likes. His father was totally oblivious to his habits, and thought that as he was a good war strategist, he might be the right candidate. Hadhrat Muaawiya RA didn’t appoint him, but went to all the provinces asking if they would all accept Yazeed. Some accepted and some some senior sahabah objected. These sahabah objected because of the impiety of Yazeed. Hadhrat Muaawiya RA passed away and Yazeed became Khalifa. As his father’s authority was not over his head, he started perpetrating these wrongs openly. This first group believed that Yazeed ordered the martyrdom (killing) of Hadhrat Husain RA – to the extent that they believe that Yazeed became kaafir. 
The second view is the total opposite. They say that Hadhrat Muaawiya RA wanted to appoint a Khalifa but didn’t have his son in mind. He spoke to senior sahabah, of whom, many proposed that he appoint Yazeed, and some also advised that he desist. They said that it was not the way of Muslims to appoint a successor from the family but rather the best person for the task. They said that if he appoints his son, then this could become the norm. Hadhrat Muaawiya RA also had a lot of reservations. This second group also maintains that Yazeed was a pious person, a tahajjud ghuzar. They maintain that the Shiahs are responsible for the negative information regarding him and that there are authentic reports proving his Piety as well as his disapproval of the martyrdom of Hadhrat Husain RA. 
It is stated that Yazeed was very upset on the killing of Hadhrat Husain RA. The family of Hadhrat Husain RA was asked to be brought to Yazeed. Yazeed said to the son of Hadhrat Husain RA that Ibn Ziyaad (a general in the army of Yazeed) was very hasty in doing what he had done. He asked the son if he could do anything for them and the reply was that all their wealth stolen by the troops be returned to them. They were sent back to Madinah Munawarah under protection, with gifts and wealth. This group maintains that a third force (Shias) are causing all the problems in the ummat and that Yazeed is innocent. This group praises him. 
The view of the third group is that “He who maintains silence is successful”. Whether Yazeed was a good or evil person doesn’t make a difference to our imaan. Allah ta’ala didn’t make it a precondition that in order for us to be believers we have to find out whether Yazeed was a good or evil person. We cannot do anything to change Karbala or events surrounding it. We will only find the answers on the day of Qiyaamat. We should rather leave this matter to Allah ta’ala. 
There are presently kitaabs being printed by extremely knowledgeable senior ulema on both the opinions. These kitaabs are written by our own Ulema and if one reads them then we must not become confused. Understand that this is a scholarly discussion and both views,despite being totally opposite, have always been found amongst the scholars. 
We, as South African Muslims never really studied these issues as there is no real need to go into the details of these aspects. However, of late, due to the poison that the shiah menace is spreading, our Ulema have found the need to explain these aspects of our history in more detail. So we must not become confused that our own Ulema are differing regarding this issue as this is History and in history there are always differences of this nature. 
There are 2 important things to remember :-

a. Knowing the details of these issues and getting to the bottom of it is unnecessary. 

b. Regarding the wars between Sahaabah RA and the issue of Yazeed, the safest route is to maintain silence and leave the matter to Allah ta’ala.


Summer Guidelines

In our discussion of seasonal effects upon the body, we had previously discussed the effects of spring and had also made mention that as spring progresses, it gets hotter. Continuing this discussion, the system of heat increasing in spring continues until the next season comes upon us, which is summer.

Summer brings along certain difficulties, as the heat makes us perspire more. The body tends to start drying, thereby making one’s temperament more inclined to ‘hot and dry’. This, in turn, mobilises the yellow bile humour and consequently many diseases associated to it are noticed, such as diarrhoea, extreme thirst, restlessness, fevers boils, eye infections and eczema, etc.

The extremity in heat also affects those people who have a ‘warm to hot’ temperament by making their digestion poorer. One will notice that in summer, the body craves for moist or liquid type foods more than heavy food items. One will also notice that despite the food intake being less, the stomach feels heavier most of the time. Therefore, one should abstain from such types of food that are heavy to digest, especially sweet, oily and fatty foods.

This heat also affects the mental faculty by making it slightly duller than usual. One will notice that tasks and work generally require greater mental stimulus and also tends to take longer to accomplish when it is stiflingly hot. We often hear people saying, “I can’t think in this heat”. Furthermore, the heat also makes the body slightly lazier than usual. This happens due to a few reasons, two of which are:

· The body tries to retain some moisture, whereas movement combined with the heat of summer makes the body perspire even more.

·The heat tends to loosen the muscles that would normally be more firm and tight.

A few guidelines to follow in this season are:

· Dress lightly in loose fitting clothing.

· Drink as much water as possible, as this helps prevent dehydration and also helps the body retain moisture for general mobility. It also aids in adding moisture to help the body remove unwanted matter such as urine and stool etc.

· Eat light, easily digestible and cooling foods such as vegetables, rice, sour milk, etc.

· Do not eat heavy, very oily, very spicy and very sweet foods, as this weakens and over burdens the already poor digestive system.

· If a person craves for such foods, try eating them during cool to cold days after it rains.

· Do not eat foods that are ‘hot’ in temperament and nature as this added heat will increase the restlessness and uneasiness caused by the heat of summer. Hence, avoid eating too much of the following: meat, sweet foods, eggs and tea or coffee.

Adapted and summarized from “Your Health” by Moulana Hakeem Jalil Muhammad Pandor (An Nasihah vol. 89)

-uswatul muslimah


​I was woken abruptly after falling asleep in the delivery vehicle that was going to distribute clothing & toys at a local school & camp. Yazaan (my nephew) was tapping a coin on the window which my head was resting against, repeatedly. Annoyed, I wound down the window &  asked him what he was doing? He answered, “I was given this coin by a boy who told me to give it to u” Why? I asked. He said “I don’t know, come with me, I will take u to him.”
(I was taken to) Ahmed, a refugee boy who lives in one of the camps we were distributing in. When I reached his families tent, he confidently walked out & came to shake my hand. WAllah a confidence I have rarely ever seen in a child. His clothes were torn & tattered, hands &  face covered in dirt &  was barefoot.
I asked him why he had given my nephew the coin. He presented me with a plastic football & explained, “This fell from one of the vehicles as u were entering the camp. I picked it up. It’s a nice ball. I would like to keep it”.
I again asked, “But why did u give the coin? He answered, “It is an Amanah, so if I want it, I must pay for it.”
In awe of his response. I kneeled down to his eye level & said, “Subhan’Allah, these toys are a gift for u, they are from ur brothers & sisters in London, u don’t have to pay for it.” He stared at me with a perplexed look, then turned to Yazaan &  said “I thought these toys were only for the poor children.”
I had no more questions at that point. Subhan’Allah. Ya Allah. Protect these future light bearers of our Deen. Protect them in Syria & Gaza. Iraq &  Afghanistan. Everywhere Bi ithnillah. Just when u think nothing can surprise u!




     Money can’t buy ur Imaan

     Money can’t buy اللّه  Subhana Ta’ala ‘s Love & the love of His Rasul sallallaahu alayhi wasallam for u.

      Money can’t buy ur beautiful functioning body & ur heart & soul that’s urs exclusively to think & feel what u want it to. 

      Money can’t buy ur smile that lights up anothers world. 

       Money can’t buy ur tears of joy & sadness that are shed straight from ur heart. 

      Money definitely cannot buy the things that really count like kindness, unconditional love, appreciation, care & support…