بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Written by

Najma Karim


The true beauty of a Muslimah lies in her character. Not in the colour of her eye shadow or the glossiness of her lipstick and not even in her matt finished foundation. Being dressed with the most beautiful Hijab or walking with style with a funky tied headgear, does not determine the true beauty of a Muslimah.

True beauty comes from the Noor of Allah. This beauty is only attained through the obedience to one’s Creator. When a Muslimah is in your company just the sight of her reminds you of Allah. Her simple attire reminds you she is a person of Deen.  Finally but not least when she speaks she reminds you that she is a believer.

 We all have the ability of attaining this beauty and some of us actually do, while others lose it after attaining it through engaging in futile activities. These activities may seem so meaningless to us however they are detrimental to our imaan. As woman and being weak (speaking for myself) we just can’t find ourselves walking away from a juicy tale of someone we might know and knowing the person makes the tale much more interesting. The attention span during a gossip tale being told is absolutely remarkable…

Sin has become a pleasurable duty in our lives and the duties have become a heavy task for some of us. We also become slaves to hatred for one another and envy for those that progress harbouring such qualities diminishes the true beauty from within us.

Indeed the true beauty is many things but not external appearance. It’s the love, care, kindness, simplicity and modesty of a Muslimah. True beauty is how she smiles when she wants to break down and cry. True beauty is how she remains silent when she wants to vent off her anger. True beauty is how she leaves an argument to avoid issues even though she knows she can win it. True beauty is how she overlooks the continuous mistakes of others and let them be because she values her imaan way more than putting others in their place.

Her motto in life is “Stop wasting time showing creation their place instead put in effort in guaranteeing your own place of success in the Aakhira.”



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