Shibli the miser

This, too, shall pass



Sheikh Shibli Rahmatullah alaihi says:

Once a voice whispered in my heart, ‘Shibli, you are a miser’

My proud self said, ‘I am not a miser.’

But the voice insisted, ‘No, you are a miser.’

I decided to make a trial of myself and said, addressing my own self, ‘In order to prove that I am not a miser, I shall give away any amount that I happen to receive, however large to the first poor man that I come across after receiving the money.’

As soon as I had made up my mind, a man came and offered me a gift of 50 Dinaars, which I took and went looking for some poor, needy person, as I had promised myself. I soon came upon a blind ragged man getting a haircut at a barber’s shop.


I put the Dinaars into the blind man’s lap, who said, ‘Give the…

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