Seek Knowledge From The Cradle to The Grave

Miss Muslimah's Blog

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”
I am very saddened at the conditions prevalant today. It is so common that preference is given to worldly knowledge over deeni knowledge. Yes, you can study further in secular education but why degrade someone who is studying deeni knowledge?

When someone asks you what you’re doing and you reply by saying that you’ve started Hifdh or you’ve started Madrassah (Aalim/a course), then you are looked upon differently. They say why didn’t you study further or what is it gonna help you with in life. Negative comments are thrown at you like a pile of bricks. Why are we making it seem as if orldly knowledge is superior compare to Deeni knowledge???

Do not discourage someone who is studying Deen. Ever.

A student of Deen is one of the most fortunate people out there. Daily, as they take their first step seeking…

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