Seeking Deeni Knowledge

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The Great Rewards of Seeking Deeni Knowledge
Hazrat Umar radhiyAllahu anhu reports that Rasulullah ﷺ said:

“ A person cannot earn rewards (through any nafl ibaadat) as much as he can earn through acquiring Deeni knowledge, which will be a means of guiding him towards the path of hidaayat (guidance) or prevent him from wrong.

And one’s Deen will never be straight (and perfect) until his actions are consistent (i.e. his Deen will never gain perfection until and unless he does not acquire istiqaamat in carrying out righteous actions in accordance to the sunnah in all facets of his life).”

Seeking knowledge is compulsory on every muslim male and female.

It is fardh (Compulsory act) for every individual to seek knowledge.
To reform oneself, beliefs and good deeds are compulsory. And beliefs and good deeds are dependent on equiring knowledge of them. This…

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