بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A young couple moved into a new neighbourhood . The next morning whilst they eating breakfast , the young woman sees her neighbour hanging the laundry outside . “That laundry isnt very clean “shes says . ” She’s doesn’t know how to wash properly ,perhaps she needs better laundry soap ” 

Her husband looked on , but remained silent 

Every morning the neighbour will hang the washing to dry , the young woman will make the same commments .

About one month later . The woman was surprised to see lovely clean laundry , and said to her husband ,” Look! She learnt how to wash properly , I wonder who taught her .”

The husband said , ” I got up early this morning and cleaned out windows ” 

If our windows are dirty we’ll surely see others as dirty too . What’s we see in others is indeed a reflection of ourselves!


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