بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

​(*)Something that touched my heart:

On my way I found a piece of paper tied to an electric pole, with a small note on it.

I was curious to know what was written, hence went closer and read it.

“I lost Rs. 50 somewhere on the road. 

If any of you find it, please give it to me at this address. 

My vision isn’t great so please help”

I was urged to follow that address and found an old hut in shatters with an older woman sitting outside. 

She was frail and asked who is it, following my footsteps. 

I said I came by this way, found Rs. 50 on the road so wanted to handover to you. 

She began crying on hearing this. 

She said “my dear I have had at least 30-40 people come over and give me Rs. 50 saying they found it on the road.

I dint write that note, I cannot even see properly nor do i know to read n write”

I said it’s OK amma you keep it. 

She asked me to tear that note off on my way back. 

I walked back with a million thoughts as to who could’ve written that note?

She would’ve asked everyone to tear that note but none did, I mentally thanked that person and realized that we just have to feel the need to help, there are so many ways to do it.

He/she just wanted to help this old woman who lives alone…. 

Someone stopped me n asked, “Bro, can you help me with this address?

I found a 50 rupee note, want to handover”

*Humanity continues to be alive*


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