Mysterious Muslims

This, too, shall pass


There are mysterious Muslims on our island.

I live on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea called Trinidad and Tobago. I live on the island of Trinidad. Muslims make up approximately 20% of a population of 1.5 million people. To many on our island, the Muslim population is mysterious and we are not well understood.

It is generally thought that we have two groups of Muslims here; the gangsters who are predominantly of African descent who usually have weapons and are considered criminals, the docile bunch who look and behave like everyone else and wear hijabs when going to the masjid.

People are slowly beginning to realize that there is a third group of Muslims who wear hijabs and jubbas; work, study, prayer and invite persons to Islam.

I belong to this last group. It is my view that the best dawaah is the one where persons learn…

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