بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

​If you want more, then deserve more.

May ask what does that really mean?

Nothing today is handed to us. The things you want in life isn’t handed. The thoughts and dreams you think isn’t handed.  Your wishes are not handed.

Everyone wants more in life. Can be anywhere from materialistic, love, all the way to be at peace with one.

The only way to get the things that we want,  is to deserve more.  I mean grind and work for what you want.  You can’t pass an exam with out studying,  you can’t run a mile under 6 minutes if you don’t practice and condition, and sure as hell can’t land a crazy 360 back flip with out lots of grinding and repetition.

The more you do towards the things you want in life, you will receive them. It is well deserved to you.

Put all of your energy and believes into that thing you want,  because I promise you will receive.

Negativity and doubt may sneak up and detour your road that your on!  Once it does, you will kick that pity out of your mind!  You will continue to grind and believe.


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