From the Mathnawi

This, too, shall pass


A certain saintly man used to always perform his salaah with the congregation in the mosque. One day as usual he went to the mosque for salaah. As he reached the door of the mosque, he heard the voice of the Imam saying: “Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah” indicating that the congregational salaah had ended. Realizing that he had missed the congregational salaah, the pious man was filled with so much sorrow that he sighed: “Ah!” Such a sigh came right from the depths of his heart. “The saintly man missed the congregation and ‘Ah!’ was uttered in sorrow and in his ‘Ah’ the blood of his heart could be smelt”.

     Inside the mosque, there was another saintly person with a
spiritual insight. When he came out of the mosque, he saw a celestial light, which went right up to the Throne of Allah…

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